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6 min read – May 6th, 2023

Make your Content Pop with Fresh Royalty Free Music for Instagram Videos

If you’re an Instagram user, you know that music can make a big difference in the overall quality of your videos. Whether you’re creating a promotional video for your business or just sharing a fun moment with your followers, adding the right soundtrack can help capture the mood and enhance the viewing experience. But finding the right music can be a challenge, especially when it comes to copyright issues.

This is where royalty-free music comes in. Royalty-free music is a type of music that can be used in your videos without the need for payment of royalties. This type of music is often created specifically for use in videos, and it can be a great way to add high-quality sound to your Instagram posts without breaking the bank or running into legal issues.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of royalty-free music for Instagram videos and help you find the perfect tracks for your next project.

What is Royalty-Free Music?


Royalty-free music refers to a type of music licensing where the user can pay a one-time fee and use the music without any additional payments or royalties. This means that once you purchase the license, you can use the music in your Instagram videos without worrying about any legal issues or copyright infringement claims.


Using royalty-free music in your Instagram videos has several benefits. Firstly, it saves you time and money. You don’t have to pay expensive recurring licensing fees or royalties.

Secondly, it ensures that you are legally compliant. Using copyrighted music without permission can result in legal action, fines, and even the removal of your Instagram account. By using royalty-free music, you can avoid these legal issues and focus on creating great content.

Thirdly, it allows you to have more creative control over your videos. With royalty-free music, you can choose from a wide variety of genres and styles to find the perfect match for your video. You can also edit and manipulate the music to fit your video’s tone and mood.

In conclusion, using royalty-free music in your Instagram videos is a smart and cost-effective way to enhance your content and avoid legal issues.

Why Use Royalty-Free Music for Instagram Videos?

If you are creating Instagram videos, you may be wondering whether to use royalty-free music or copyrighted music. In this section, we will discuss why using royalty-free music is the best option for your Instagram videos.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Using copyrighted music in your Instagram videos without permission can lead to copyright infringement. This can result in your video being taken down, your account being suspended, or even legal action being taken against you. By using royalty-free music, you can avoid these potential problems and ensure that your videos are safe to use.

Cost-Effective Solution

Purchasing the rights to use copyrighted music can be expensive, especially if you are using it in multiple videos. On the other hand, royalty-free music is an affordable solution that allows you to use high-quality music without breaking the bank. Many websites offer royalty-free music for a one-time fee, which gives you the right to use the music in multiple videos.

High-Quality Music

Royalty-free music is not only cost-effective but also high-quality. Many websites offer a wide range of music genres, styles, and moods to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect music for your Instagram videos. Moreover, royalty-free music is often created by professional musicians and producers, ensuring that the music is of the highest quality.

In summary, using royalty-free music for your Instagram videos is a smart choice. It allows you to avoid copyright infringement, is a cost-effective solution, and provides high-quality music for your videos.

Royalty Free Music for Instagram Videos:

Details Item Price: £25.00
fashion house

Fashion House

An upbeat house track with a vibrant mood.

Looking for something with summer vibes? This upbeat club house track will give a wow factor to videos and reels. Instruments include beats, bass and pop synths.

Details Item Price: £25.00
lets get it pop background music

Let’s Get It

A lively synth-pop dance track with an upbeat rhythm.

Lively and trendy, this royalty-free synth-pop track is a sure winner for reflecting good times. Featuring synths and pop beats, this track will be an ideal fit for summer related content.

Details Item Price: £25.00
inspirational background music

Above the Clouds

A dreamy acoustic-pop inspired background track.

Looking for travel royalty free music for instagram videos? Look no further. Above the Clouds is the perfect track to reflect your inspiring content. Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, synths and tight beats.

Details Item Price: £25.00
Lasting Memories

Lasting Memories

Piano melody surrounded with orchestration.

Got a story to tell? This track features an emotive piano melody that is sure to capture the hearts of your audience. Featuring felt piano, breathtaking strings, percussion and shimmering pads.

5. Digital Age

Details Item Price: £25.00
digital age

Digital Age

Futuristic vibe, perfect for digital marketing.

Digital Age is a cool futuristic electro instrumental track with gated synths, arpeggiators, and hypnotic grooves. The track features an inspirational, contemplative mood with a contemporary sound. Ideal for product advertising.

6. Dirt Track

Details Item Price: £25.00
royalty free rock background music

Dirt Track

Energetic rock background music for videos & media.

This upbeat rock track has an aggressive but rhythmic musical flow. A suitable background for energetic content such as extreme sports advertising, promos, adventurous stories, and much more.

7. We Are One

Details Item Price: £25.00
We Are One

We Are One

This track creates a bright and feel-good atmosphere.

This upbeat electronic track has a lively rhythm that is ideal for vibrant content. Ideal for projects such as commercials, fashion content, adventure videos, promos, teasers, product launches and tutorials.

8. Action Drums

Details Item Price: £25.00
action drums

Action Drums

An energetic track which features various percussion.

Action Drums features hard-hitting drum and percussion patterns. A perfect choice for sports promos, gym commercials, cinematic teasers or related content that requires a dramatic and energetic sound.

9. Soft Inspiration

Details Item Price: £25.00
soft inspiration

Soft Inspiration

A melodic minimalist track for your next business project.

An uplifting electronic based background music track featuring piano. The perfect addition to business, interior design or corporate related media. Inspire your audience with this best royalty free music for instagram videos.

10. Good Times

Details Item Price: £25.00
Woman wearing blue and green clothes

Good Times

Upbeat & fun/party Indie-Pop background track.

Let the good times begin! This excitable indie-rock track will add a fun and exciting tone to your content. Perfect for advertising, promotional reels, tutorials, reviews, summer stories and much more.

11. Living Life

Details Item Price: £25.00
Woman living life

Living Life

An uplifting acoustic-indie track filled with optimism.

An uplifting and upbeat indie folk track featuring acoustic guitar, piano, organ and percussion. This catchy beat is a real foot stomper and will be the perfect royalty free track for your next Instagram promo.

12. Epic Cinematic

Details Item Price: £25.00
epic cinematic

Epic Cinematic

Cinematic background music for your epic projects.

This cinematic melody gradually builds up with a powerful and emotive blend of orchestral sounds. Ideal for use in trailers and epic adventure videos. Get this cinematic background track for your next Instagram video

13. Storybook

Details Item Price: £25.00
Girl holding teddy bear in the air


A warm, inspiring storytelling background track.

Storybook features an inspirational sound with an outstanding acoustic-folk melody. A suitable musical backdrop for reflective and emotional content. Get this great royalty-free Instagram for your next promo video.

14. Upbeat Party

Details Item Price: £25.00
Upbeat Party

Upbeat Party

Uplifting party track that will make your video stand out!

An upbeat dance track that creates a party mood. The lively pop rhythm is an ideal musical background for Instagram reels, party scenes and fashion videos. This piece of royalty-free music for Instagram has a real summer mood to it.

15. Stylish Groove

Details Item Price: £25.00
Man listening to music in headphones

Stylish Groove

Stylish chill-out track full of punch and flavour.

A fresh, modern and trendy track with a pop groove. This catchy, uplifting background is designed for energetic videos, fashion reels, style projects commercials and any other content that requires a fun and positive tone.

16. A Simple Life

Details Item Price: £25.00
Man playing acoustic guitar

A Simple Life

Inspiring acoustic-pop background music for videos.

This is a positive and happy acoustic-pop song features  acoustic guitars, modern synth sounds and upbeat percussion. This inspiring track would be the perfect backing for your next lifestyle visual.

17. The Future is Ours

Details Item Price: £25.00
Girls waving hands in the air

The Future Is Ours

An uplifting background for motivational projects.

This elegant background music has a nice corporate atmospheric mood. The airy guitars and piano compliment each other to make for a great positive and motivational mood. Perfect for product marketing, advertising and promos.

18. Upbeat Funk Pop

Details Item Price: £25.00
upbeat funk pop

Upbeat Funk Pop

Energetic and catchy with elements of funk & pop.

Upbeat Funk Pop is an exciting punchy background jam that will add a feel-good factor to your videos. This track features drums, bass, guitar, drums and various percussion.

19. Joyful Spring

Details Item Price: £25.00
instrumental happy background music

Joyful Spring

A happy-go-lucky, ukulele inspired background track.

A fun and simple ukulele-based track that’s ideal for all kinds of projects such as vlogs, ads, brand campaigns,  tutorials, slideshows, and any other content that requires positive happy-go-lucky music.

20. Hopeful Journey

Details Item Price: £25.00

Hopeful Journey

Inspiring background track with motivational vibe.

This track features a calm electric guitar melody with strings and percussion. The ideal background for positive and reflective, videos, reels or stories. It’s sure to delight your Instagram fans.

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