You might have received a copyright claim for a couple of reasons outlined below:

1. Wrongful Use:

Regarding the copyright claim you received, it’s crucial to ensure the correct licensing conditions were followed when using music from Scott Holmes Music. If the music was licensed under the appropriate terms, there should be no cause for concern.

However, if there’s a discrepancy where the music was used commercially under a non-commercial license or if the terms and conditions of the CC BY-NC license (formerly Free CC License) were not met, it might result in a strike on platforms like YouTube until the proper license is secured.

Although we don’t directly register our tracks within this system, our team, represented by the Independent Music Licensing Collective (IMLC), actively monitors social media to detect any potential wrongful use of our music.

How to resolve a wrongful use claim:

To address this issue swiftly, kindly fill out the form provided below. Our team will reach out through the IMLC to guide you on resolving the claim. Additionally, if you are certain that you acquired the correct license permitting commercial use but received a claim, please include your license ID number for verification purposes.

    2. Content ID systems:

    It’s important to note that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube utilize music ID recognition software to scan projects for copyrighted material. If you receive a claim that wasn’t issued by the IMLC, there could be two reasons: it might be a “false-positive,” where the software confuses a specific track with others, or someone has infringed on our rights by unlawfully claiming our music as their own.

    For instance, if an individual illicitly takes our music and registers it with music vendors like Tunecore, CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, Landr, etc., it generates a digital ID for the music. When Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube detects this music (digital ID), your project might get claimed by the vendor on behalf of the “artist/thief.”

    Typically, following the instructions provided should help you appeal the claim successfully. However, if you encounter difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    If you have any information about artists, labels, or music vendors falsely claiming our work as their own, we urge you to reach out. We take immediate action to rectify such issues, striving not only to remove the “artist/thief” from platforms and vendors but also to eradicate the wrongful claims against our music. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Here's how to fix it... Select your platform

    •  Appeal the Claim!
      Rest assured, if you’ve used licensed music on Instagram and face a claim, appealing usually resolves the issue swiftly. Since you have a valid license for the music, there’s no cause for concern. Once you file an appeal, the claim should be lifted, restoring your project without any further complications.

    If you receive a warning from Instagram informing you that your video is muted because you may be using copyrighted content, please click on “Restore Audio”. 

    • Appeal the Claim!
      If your content got taken down due to a copyright report, you can appeal by following the instructions provided in the message you receive. If prompted by Facebook for a reason, simply state:

      “I possess a valid license and written permission from the rightful rights holder to use this material. Please verify with the rights holder at”

      Submitting this information should help in resolving the issue.

    If you receive a warning from Facebook informing you that your video is muted because you may be using copyrighted content, please click on “Restore Audio”.

    Content ID

    A content ID claim on YouTube is automated, so even with a proper music license, your video might still receive a claim.

    Here’s how to dispute the claim:

    1. Navigate to the dispute section and explain your claim.
    2. Copy and paste the contents of your license PDF when prompted.

    For CC BY-NC License: Access your license via your account – Account > Purchase history > View details & downloads.

    For Commercial Licenses/All Accesses: Your unique license was sent to your email after purchase. If you can’t find it, reach out to us with your receipt/order number.

    After supplying all necessary details, your claim should undergo assessment and typically be resolved within 24 hours.