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Here you will find useful information regarding our licensing structure along with tips on using royalty free music for video, film and media.
These articles were specifically designed for YouTube content creators, social media influencers, video editors and filmmakers.

ultimate music license guide

Ultimate Music License Guide for Scott Holmes Music

We’ve tailored 4 licenses to cover all types of uses, from non-commercial projects to commercial projects worldwide.

Whether you’re a beginner YouTuber, small business owner, corporate enterprise or a filmmaker, you’ll find a license to suit your project.

background music for presentations

Background Music for Presentations, Slideshows & videos

Background music for presentations is typically subtle sounding with very minimal instruments which is essential for keeping your audience engaged and focused without distracting from key points.


background music for commercial advertising

Background Music for Advertising, Video & Social Media

Music can affect audience emotions and make your ad memorable. If used wisely, the music you choose to assist your production can set your advertisement campaign apart from the crowd.

music for instagram videos

20 Fresh Royalty Free Music Ideas for Instagram Videos

Create audience engaging promos, ads, inspiring reels or fun stories with these 20 popular soundtracks from Scott Holmes Music.

royalty free music for wedding videos

Royalty Free Music for Wedding Videos, Slideshows & Films

Professional music helps you create true works of art for these extraordinary occasions. There are many benefits when using royalty free music in wedding videos and as background music during the ceremony…

background music for travel videos

Instrumental Background Music For Travel Vlogs & Videos

When choosing the perfect soundtrack for your travel projects, you want the music to reflect what you captured on film.

By selecting the right tone and mood, you can turn any ordinary video in to a beautiful cinematic viewing experience.

music for real estate videos

Background Music For Real Estate Videos & Property Listings

Over the years, real estate videos have become the ultimate selling tool online, and it’s easy to understand why: People browse dozens, even hundreds of listings which means agents only have a short moment to capture the attention of potential buyers. 

Adding the right background music can give viewer’s an inviting sense of living there.

happy woman listening to free music downloads

Free Music Downloads for Videos: A Helpful Guide

After browsing countless music libraries, you’ve hit a dead-end wall because you’re presented so many licenses, rules and specific conditions you don’t understand – we get it! It’s painful.

This is why we at Scott Holmes Music decided to construct a handy guide where you can get free music downloads for videos with confidence knowing you’re not breaking any rules or infringing anyones rights.

royalty free music for podcasts

Royalty Free Music for Podcasts - A Guide To Get You Started

Nothing sets the tone more than having the right music for your podcast theme or intro. Music alone gives a great first impression to your audience of what kind of content you create.

Furthermore, your intro music is the first thing your listeners hear, so if you want to hook them in, make sure to choose the right music.

independent music licensing collective

Independent Music Licensing Collective (IMLC)

If you’re an independent artist, producer, or musician looking to make a career out of commercial music licensing, the IMLC is the place for you. Come and join the world’s first independent music licensing community and be in charge of your own destiny.

royalty free music meaning

What is Royalty Free Music and What Does it Mean?

In short, most Royalty Free Music is music you can purchase once and use for as long as you like. A lot of other music licenses require you to pay each and every time the video is used or viewed.

free background music websites for videos

FREE Background Music Websites for Videos

We’ve selected the best websites that offer free for non-commercial and commercial use music downloads for videos, film and multimedia.

royalty free music youtube

Can I Use Royalty Free Music in my YouTube Video?

Many people who post videos on YouTube may not have the ability to legally use the tracks of their choice since the copyright regulations may be rather stringent. It is for this reason that many people opt to use royalty free music instead.

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