License types

1. FREE Creative Commons License – PERPETUAL USE
This license lets others remix, tweak and build upon the works non-commercially as long as the artist is credited within the project or project description. Example – “track name” by

2. Standard License – PERPETUAL USE
The Standard License is non-transferable and gives you lifetime rights to use our music after purchase for Youtube/Monetization, online video, presentations, website, web advertise, slide-shows, crowdfunding animations or music on hold.

3. Broadcast A/B & Full-Scale License – PERPETUAL USE
In addition to the uses authorised by the standard license, these licenses allow for music to be used for: Application, software, video game, audio podcast, audio book, TV/radio broadcast, local TV/radio broadcast, public show, cinema, bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, gyms, CD & DVD distribution.

Broadcast License A – Up to 1 million broadcast audience
Broadcast License B – Up to 10 million broadcast audience
Full-Scale License – UNLIMITED broadcast audience

Licensing information 

Standard – Broadcast A/B – Full-Scale

The Licensee can use the licensed work perpetually on any present or future projects
as long as it’s within the terms of the license.

The Licensee is free to tweak, slice and dice the work to suit the licensee’s projects needs.
The Licensee has permission not to give artist credit/attribution.

Upon purchase completion, the Licensee will receive an email containing both MP3 & WAV files,
a paid invoice along with a license agreement form stating permissions and terms of use.

General restrictions

The Licensee may not use music in standalone music tracks.
t is forbidden to resell tracks in any constellation.

Need an extended license?

If the basic license provided by the website isn’t enough, Contact Us
to arrange an extended license.