ultimate music license guide

Understanding the necessity of a music license when integrating background music into video, film, or multimedia projects is crucial.

The majority of music across the globe falls under copyright protection, except for Public Domain audio files exempt from intellectual property laws. To utilize most musical compositions, acquiring the appropriate Royalty-Free licenses is imperative. Without the correct license, using music can lead to copyright infringement, potentially resulting in strikes against your YouTube channel or legal action.

To simplify this process, Scott Holmes Music presents a comprehensive guide elucidating our licensing structure.

Scott Holmes Music offers four distinct licenses tailored to accommodate various project needs, spanning from non-commercial to global commercial applications:

  1. CC BY-NC
  2. Standard License
  3. Broadcast & Full-Scale Licenses
  4. All Access Pass Memberships

Whether you’re a novice YouTuber, a small business owner, part of a corporate entity, or a filmmaker, our range of licenses ensures a suitable option for your project’s requirements. This guide aims to provide clear and practical instructions for navigating our licensing structure effectively.

Commercial Use ❌

£0.00 (FREE)

Allowed use: 
Non-commercial projects only.

Artist credit: 
Under this license, attribution is mandatory when sharing online. Include the following credit to your project description:

Music: [Track Title] by Scott Holmes Music – https://scottholmesmusic.com

You’re eligible to license our music under the CC BY-NC License if:

  • You’ve crafted a heartwarming video showcasing your furry friend on YouTube for personal enjoyment.
  • As a student, you’re embarking on a learning journey, creating projects for educational purposes.
  • Preserving precious memories, like capturing a birthday party on video to cherish as a keepsake.
  • Planning to broadcast a podcast or radio station without any intentions of promoting brands, products, services, or seeking monetary donations or sponsors.
  • As an employee of a corporate entity, preparing an internal presentation (Note: An external presentation on a website or YouTube necessitates a Standard License).

Commercial Use ✔


Allowed use:
Commercial and non-commercial projects including YouTube monetization, paid work, web advertise, company marketing, product presentation, music on hold, etc.

Artist credit: 
Not required.

A Standard License is necessary if:

  • You aim to monetize your YouTube content using new music!
  • Running a fundraising video campaign, seeking donations.
  • As a freelance video editor, creating content for clients to be shared on social media.
  • Managing digital marketing efforts for your company, intending to produce video content promoting products and services on social media.
  • Enhancing your website with background music to elevate the browsing experience for customers exploring digital products.

Commercial Use ✔

£49 / £149

Broadcast License allows for up to 10 million audience reach
Full-Scale License allows for an unlimited audience reach 

Allowed use:
Further to the uses authorized by the Standard License, these licenses allow for commercial and non-commercial projects including TV, radio, background music in public spaces, podcasts, music on hold, etc.

Artist credit: 
Not required.

A Broadcast or Full-Scale License is required if:

    • Your podcast aims to generate revenue via AdRev, sponsors, donations, etc.
    • Your company plans to publish and sell a game through an app store, requiring music licensing.
    • Your company intends to license a song for use in “on hold” phone services.
    • Your company seeks to license music for TV or radio advertisements.
    • As a store owner, you wish to play background music for customers, necessitating proper licensing for commercial use.

Commercial Use ✔


Standard Access Pass – £199
Broadcast Access Pass – £449
Full-Scale Access Pass – £699

One-off payment
Unlimited downloads/project uses

Allowed use:
Each access pass corresponds to a commercial license, granting specific permissions. For instance, the Standard Access Pass aligns with the Standard License, offering unlimited downloads for an endless array of projects, indefinitely.

Artist credit: 
Not required.

Consider opting for an access pass if:

  • You consistently create content for your monetized YouTube channel.
  • Your company intends to regularly produce marketing videos, necessitating a continuous supply of background music.
  • Background tracks are needed for your weekly podcast episodes.
  • As a busy wedding videographer, having a readily available catalog of music is essential.
  • As a store owner, you seek a diverse array of background music options for enhancing the customer experience.