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4 min read – Updated: January 19th, 2024

Craft Everlasting Memories and Elevate Special Moments with Royalty-Free Music for Wedding Videos

Harness the enchanting power of music to evoke profound emotions that linger for a lifetime. Whether it’s the timeless allure of “their song” or the delicate melodies playing during the ceremony, music adds an indelible touch to the tapestry of wedding memories.

Choosing royalty-free music for wedding videos amplifies the artistry of your creations. Here’s why opting for such music is a game-changer:

  1. Distinctive Personalization: Royalty-free music allows you to tailor the auditory experience to the unique personalities of the couple. Whether they desire a traditional ambiance or seek an artistic flair, the vast selection of tracks caters to diverse preferences.

  2. Versatility Across Genres: Professional videographers and photographers benefit from an extensive repertoire of tracks, ensuring a seamless match for every client’s vision. The diverse range spans from vintage melodies to international beats, providing limitless possibilities for creative expression.

  3. Emotionally Resonant Tunes: Royalty-free background music is crafted with emotion in mind. It weaves sentiments of hope, joy, love, and tenderness seamlessly into the wedding atmosphere, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

  4. Indelible Memory-Making: Music forms an inseparable bond with memories. Through carefully selected tunes, couples can relive their cherished moments, creating an everlasting connection between the soundtrack and the beautiful occasions shared with friends and family.

  5. Impeccable Ambiance: High-quality background music elevates wedding ceremonies and videos, adding an unparalleled layer of elegance. It extends beyond the confines of classical compositions, creating a sophisticated backdrop that enhances the overall experience.
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What about using copyright-protected commercial music as background music?

Using commercial music from a couple’s favourite artists in wedding ceremonies and videos can be tempting. After all, who wouldn’t love to have Ed Sheeran or Maroon 5 perform during their wedding?

Unfortunately, turning to commercial songs for wedding videos can create big problems whether you’re a professional photographer or a talented bride looking to create your own video.

Music labels can impose huge fees for the commercial use of tracks. Even personal use can run into trouble, such as having your wedding video blocked on YouTube and other social media sites. The safest bet is always to use royalty free music for wedding videos.

How does licensing work?

Securing the Right Melody for Commercial Brilliance:

In the realm of commercial applications, the use of royalty-free music necessitates the acquisition of a proper license. This crucial step applies to various professionals within the wedding industry, ensuring compliance and ethical usage. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Photographers: For photographers capturing the essence of weddings, a license is a prerequisite when incorporating royalty-free music into commercial projects. Elevate your visual storytelling with the right soundtrack while respecting intellectual property rights.

  2. Wedding Venues: Wedding venues aiming to enhance the ambiance through music should obtain the necessary license for any commercial application. Ensure that the melodies accompanying your spaces are ethically sourced, respecting the creative efforts behind each composition.

  3. Wedding Planners: Wedding planners orchestrating seamless celebrations should be mindful of obtaining licenses when integrating royalty-free music into their services. Elevate the wedding experience with carefully selected tunes while adhering to legal requirements.

  4. Vendors with Online Presence: Vendors incorporating music into their websites for promotional purposes must acquire licenses. Whether showcasing products or services, using royalty-free music ethically requires proper documentation, safeguarding against legal implications.

  5. Promotional Material: Professionals leveraging music to promote their businesses or services must prioritize obtaining licenses. Whether in advertisements, promotional videos, or any other commercial venture, securing the right to use the music ensures ethical and legal practices.

Our Curated Collection of Music for Wedding Videos:

Details Item Price: £25.00
wild flowers

Wild Flowers

Instrumental acoustic guitar with piano melody.
Details Item Price: £25.00
Married couple sitting by the lake

Longest Year

Heartfelt, inspiring background track that builds with anticipation.
Details Item Price: £25.00
make a wish

Make A Wish

Capture those memories with our felt piano melody.
Details Item Price: £25.00
Lasting Memories

Lasting Memories

Piano melody surrounded with orchestration.
Details Item Price: £25.00
girl amazed by blue lights

Beyond Dreams

Magical, inspiring background track perfect for wedding projects.
Details Item Price: £25.00
People holding wine glasses


Upbeat, acoustic inspired background track.
Details Item Price: £25.00
Child throwing paper plane

Never Miss A Moment

Emotional piano/orchestral background track.
Details Item Price: £25.00
girl jumping on boyfriend

When I’m with You

Gentle acoustic tune with a natural warm sound. 
Details Item Price: £25.00
Top of the world

Top of the World

An enthusiastic acoustic/pop background track.

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