1. Basics

How to use it

You MUST credit scottholmesmusic.com within your project or project description with either of the following examples:
“track name” by scottholmesmusic.com or music by scottholmesmusic.com

❌ You cannot claim our work as your own.
❌ You cannot register our music on any platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.
❌ Under this license, you CANNOT use our work for commercial purposes.
(A commercial use is primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation. See below for examples).

Examples of commercial advantages –

Promoting a company, brand, product, service or event on a social front i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc which may benefit an individual or company resulting in potential clients or customers.

Examples of monetary compensation – 

Payment received as part of a company, organization, sponsor, entity or individual for working on or taking part of a project. Fundraising, YouTube monetization, Ad Revenue, etc.

If you or your client don’t want to credit scottholmesmusic.com or simply can’t due to the project type, then you must obtain a commercial license (Standard, Broadcast A/B or Full-Scale).


First and foremost, these licenses support Royalty Free Music for commercial use.

For a detailed description of what these licenses are and what they can be used for, please check out the Scott Holmes Music: Ultimate License Guide.

Alternatively, a simplified version can be found under the License tables within the licensing page.


By purchasing an Access Pass you gain instant access to our entire library of 120+ music tracks. 

All tracks are Royalty Free and ready for commercial use.
Enjoy UNLIMITED downloads. No subscriptions or extra fee’s.
Buy once, license forever!

  • If I purchase an All Access Pass, do I also have access to all future tracks too?

  • Is there a limitation on how many tracks I can download?
    No. You have unlimited downloads. You can login to your account and download 10 tracks one day,
    30 the next or download all at once. 

  • Is All Access a subscription model? Would I have to pay monthly?
    No. You simply buy All Access once. 

  • Is there a time limit to how many tracks I can download?
    No. For as long as scottholmesmusic.com exists, you can log in to your account at any time to use your All Access Pass.

  • Can I download all tracks in one download?
    Unfortunately not, tracks can only be downloaded individually. Sorry!


In short, Royalty Free Music is music that you can purchase once (for commercial use) and use for as long as you like. A lot of other music licenses require you to pay each and every time the video is used or viewed.

There are three main copyright areas you should be aware of before starting to think about Royalty Free music and what it means. Synchronisation is the right to include the music along with a film. Mechanical means having the right to make more of your product or production that contains or uses the music. Performance is the right to play the music in a public space. You should have an understanding of what kind of music you need as per these areas before buying music. For any of these areas, Royalty Free music means you don’t have to pay each time you use the music.


  • Free
    You will have to pay to license the music you want to use. Some Royalty Free music is sold for free,
    but you shouldn’t assume that all Royalty Free music you come across will be free of charge.
    The person who created the music will usually still want to make some money off of their work.
  • Copyright free
    When you buy Royalty Free music, you are buying the right to use it. The creator of the music owns the copyright for that music. By buying the license the owner is in fact giving you the right to copy it, so it’s copyrighted and you still have to respect the terms of use set forth by the creator.
  • One type of music
    Royalty free can be music of any type, genre, tone, mood, quality or price. When buying Royalty free music, you should try to find something that fits the overall emotional tone of the video you are making, is high quality, balanced well and is mixed with real instruments as opposed to fake-sounding electronic ones.

Royalty free music is the safest way to add music to your videos.
You pay for it once and can use it as many times as you like.

If you use music incorrectly, you can be punished by streaming sites by YouTube.
Your audio could be shut off or your video can be removed from the site completely.
It is much cheaper than paying royalties each and every time the music is used and the selection is usually better than free stock music.

Royalty free music was created so that TV producers could add music to shows without the long and complex process of paying royalties.
These days, anyone can create and sell Royalty Free music.
By buying this kind of music, you are supporting independent composers around the world.

2. Licensing

Yes, you can use our music for free for non-commercial projects such as home videos and non-monetized YouTube content. Such usage is covered by a Free Creative Commons License which is only valid if you credit us within the video description.

Yes, sometimes you may need to provide the license agreement to YouTube or other media platforms. For non-commercial use, you receive a FREE CC License with your music files. For commercial use, you receive a unique numbered license directly to your email address.

Free Creative Commons License
Yes, providing artist credit is a must.
“track name” by scottholmesmusic.com or music by scottholmesmusic.com

Standard, Broadcast A/B & Full-Scale Licenses –
You have permission within the license not to provide artist credit.
It’s not necessary, although, optional if you wish to do so.

Our licenses are valid forever. Meaning, the licensee can used the licensed music perpetually on any present or future projects.

Yes you can! but first you must obtain a standard, broadcast or full-scale license.
IMPORTANT: The FREE CC License does not support monetization.

No, as the author of the music item retains ownership of the item, and your claiming rights to the music will be considered as copyright violation.

Click here to check out our Copyright Claims page for more information.

No. All music at Scott Holmes Music is protected by copyright. You cannot add lyrics over the music track or re-mix it and distribute as your own.

3. Buying and Item Support

Simply hover your curser over your desired track image –


Click “ADD TO CART”, then select your desired license type.

Click “ADD TO CART” again, then “CHECKOUT”.

NOTE: You can also purchase tracks by clicking “DETAILS”.

You immediately receive an email/receipt containing both MP3 & WAV formats of the track along with a paid invoice.

For commercial use purchases you will receive a separate email containing your unique license document.

If you’ve already registered an account, all your music files will be stored within your account giving you the option to log in at any time to re-download.

Everything included with your order –

  • Receipt with download links
  • Lifetime License
  • Audio Files Included – MP3 & WAV
    Bit Rate – 320 kbps
    Sample Rate – 16/24-Bit, 44.1 kHz

The discount applies automatically at checkout.

Typically, video producers will buy a license and charge the client for use of the music.
This means the video producer can continue using the music on future projects whilst repeating the cycle of charging clients extra on top of existing bills for use of the music within their production.
However, If the client wishes to obtain a license and act as the licensee, this means with their permission, the video producer is free to use the music for their clients production ONLY and cannot continue using the music for other client projects.
Licenses are non-transferable.
If the video producer were to obtain a license, the video producer cannot pass the license on to the client.
If the client wishes to continue using the music on other projects, the client would have to obtain their own license. 

4. Account Management

It’s really simple. Just go to the Registration page here then choose your username and insert your email address & a password and you’re good to go!

Sure, on the Login page you have a “Lost Password” link.
Enter your Username or Email address and You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

All your purchased tracks, licenses and invoices are stored within your account.

Simply log in at anytime to re-download them.

Account > Purchase History > View Details & Downloads.

(Alternatively, contact us and we will re-activate your receipt links).

Licenses for commercial use i.e Standard, Broadcast A/B & Full Scale licenses including All Access licenses are sent in a separate email from your music files.
This is because each license is unique to the licensee and has to be personalized before being sent out.

Typically licenses are sent out within 30 mins after your purchase. Please check spam folders if your license did not appear in your inbox.

Depending on where you are from and what time zone it is, it may be too late for us to send your license (UK). However, as soon as we receive purchase confirmation, we will send your license right away.

If you’re certain you did not receive your license, contact us and we’ll arrange one for you asap.

  1. Login 
  2. Account
  3. Purchase History
  4. Generate Invoice
  5. Fill out the invoice fields
  6. Print/Save as PDF or Word Document.

5. Payment

All payments are handled by PayPal & Stripe

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Smart Connect or account balances, without sharing financial information.

Stripe is a market leader in online transactions trusted by thousands of online companies and used to handle billions of dollars transactions around the world securely and easily.
All transactions are handled directly through Stripe’s secure platform and your credit card details are never stored on the Scott Holmes Music website.

No. Scott Holmes Music is currently not a VAT registered company.